We elect representatives, but we don't hold them accountable for how they represent us.

Next election we remember only their most recent positions, and often forget how they voted on an important issue even a few months before.

To judge how well politicians represent your views, you need a simple way to track how your representatives vote on issues and compare them to your own views, creating a profile of how accurately you are represented by individual representatives.

Coming in 2013:

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What is RepWatch.us?
A web portal where you can discover how well your views are actually represented by your elected representatives.

How does it work?
On your first visit to RepWatch.us you will enter your zip code to locate your representatives.

You will then vote on recent and proposed legislation.

When your representatives vote on the same legislation their votes will be compared with yours. Over time this will build a profile of how well your representatives are representing your views and indicate politicians who successfully represent your views.

When can I start using RepWatch.us?
Soon, very soon.